The Oz Highland Fold
Oz Slaine Boxer
Herd Sire
Oz Cantan Badhel #49,364
Dam: Oz Gormal Slaine #47,469
Oz Matty Black
Herd Sire
Sire: T2 Gorgeous George #37,992
Dam: Oz Ruadh Bonny #54,954
Leita of BH Acres
Leita is another one of our cows that is very
Starshires Adorable Ann
We call her Sweetie. She is just so quiet
and mellow.
Buddy & Me
this was buddy at about
8 mos. He is still as lovable
now as he was then.
Feeding Time
Can you tell?  They all wait patiently for
John to open the gate.  But he waited just
a few moments to get this picture for me.
Come on little one!
Millie of BH Acres
Millie and her new calf, Oz Fiona Ailie.
A very cold Kansas day!
We had snow one day and then a ice storm
that same night. That's Kansas, you never
know what's going to happen.
Oz's Goliath
This picture doesn't do justice to this guys
real size.  The horns are about 6' tip to tip.
Hannay Lady Bell
Bell is yet another one of our
cows who is calm and sociable.
There is more to see!
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Spring Storms
This Spring brought the hundred year flood to
our area. The old Wakarussa was out of it's
banks and in many places over the fence and
Our cattle were trapped as the pasture is
surrounded by this river.  Three days later we
were able to account for everyone but they were
still marooned.  As we began to repair fences one
of the herd decided it was time to go home.  They
jumped into the still fast running water, swam
across and headed to the house.  Much to our
surprise and scaring us even more,  a three day
old calf,  jumped in beside mom and swam to
safety on the other side.  Never have we doubted
their instinct again.
Oz Tyler
Herd Sire
Sire: T2 Gorgeous George
Dam: Oz Lindy May #47,473
Less than a week after Shelby purchased her new 4-H calf,
Oz Rudha Pegas, she was able to feed her a pellet.  
This calf had not been handled at all prior to this.  Just
goes to show you how calm and docile Highland Cattle
really are!
Shelby's sister also purchased a 4-H calf.
This is Patches, a twin born in July.  His mother
chose his brother leaving Patches to fend for
himself.  We found him fly bit and hungry.  It
was a struggle for the little guy but he survived.
He too is a testament to the hardiness of the
Hannay Marguerite with this springs calf,
Oz Marguerite
A young steer
enjoying the
natural prairie.
2015 - 2017
Oz Breeding Bulls