Oz Quality
Highland Beef
Oz Highland Beef is all natural grass-fed beef,  
raised right here on our Farm.  We have
developed all natural beef standards for stock
management and herd care that never waivers.

Our Scottish Highland Beef is finished on grass
at their own natural pace. When you are
cooking Oz Highland Beef you will know from
the flavorful aroma that its not your
standard Super Market Beef.  

Because Highland Cattle mature at a slower
rate, the young prime Highland is nearly a year
older than most other breeds.  We find that our
stock is best at 26-30 months.  This slower rate
of maturity allows the fine marbling and the
natural fine grain in the muscle to develop. This
gives the Highland beef its wonderful
tenderness and succulent flavor.
Oz Highland Farm
All Natural Grass Fed Beef

1/2 Beef - Cut to your specifications.   $3.50 per lb.

Whole - Cut to your specifications.     $3.35 per lb.

Standard processing is not included in our pricing. Please feel free to give us a call with
any  questions, we will be glad to help.

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and most ATM Debit Cards.

*Weights are approximate.
** Prices subject to change.
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Another thing to remember is that with all beef today,  a law exists that if a beef  
deemed by the state inspector to be 30 months or older, then the back bone
must be removed.  This means no T-bones, Rib roasts ect..  Even if the animal is
29 months old, if the inspector says it's 30 months, he will stamp it as such and
the butcher has no choice but to process accordingly.  The rule is to protect you
the consumer.   All you need to do is to make your cutting order with a simple
adjustment by adding KC Strips, Fillets and loin roasts. You will still be well
satisfied with the flavor and tenderness without the bone.
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Here is a good way to see the cuts of a side of beef.  This will
help you, if you don't already know how, to prepare your
cutting order.  Remember to talk with your butcher to get the
best of cuts and what your family likes, so you will get the most
out of your cutting order.