Oz Highland Fold
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You may find that we place our herd of very high in importance in our life, but we feel that
we should almost pay homage to them.  Highland Cattle are so unique. Each one has a
different personality. The older they are, the more they become part of your life and you
part of theirs.  They expect to see you, when they don't, they holler to find out where you
are and when you arrive they all come to meet you.  
Pictured here heavy with calf, is our most
fertile cow.  She's usually bred with in
days after giving birth.
Oz Annag Dubh
Annag is one of those special animals.
Her distinct look of red highlights on her
forlock is just one reason she stands out.
Oak Creek Pegas
Pegas, 11 yrs old, pictured here with her new
calf, Oz Rudha Pegas. She is dear to us, not
just because of her attitude towards people,
but because she is a great Highland Cow.   
Oz Cassie
Cassie had our biggest calf of the
year so far.  He came in at 85lbs!  
Mama is doing fine and the "baby" is
already bigger that most of the calves
who were born 2 weeks before him.
We haven't named the "little guy" yet,
but we'll find something appropriate
for him.
Oak Creek Lindy
We call her "Cat eyes". She has
beautiful blue slanted eyes like a cat,
thus cat eyes.  
Oz Heather Fraoch
(Lady of Heather)
Heather is a beautiful Dun Heifer.
Hannay Erica
Erica, 11yrs old, has a perfect udder
and a very mellow attitude.  She is also
the Dam to Oz Boxer one of our Herd
Dubh Ciara of Dirtane
Ciara is a very proud cow, she is 18
years old.  Even with her age, her udder
is good and her calves birth weights
average 72lbs.  Come visit and see
Ciara, she's really something!
Brush Clearing
This is a pretty good example of what we
mean when we say that Highlands clear
brush.  They will clear the way for grass to
grow and the Savannas to return by
breaking off lower limbs and knocking
down tall weeds. Not to mention that it
makes fencing in these areas easier and the
Highlands gain weight doing it!
Snore Boy
Toby, our 3 yr old boxer, taking
one of his numerous naps.  Yes,
he does snore, a lot!!!
Little Lucy is about 5 or 6 and is almost as big
around as she is long.  
Spring Burning
Fires in the Spring are a annual tradition, it
helps the natural prairie grass to grow and
rids the pasture of last years weeds, old grass
and woody vegetation.   
Night Fires
I love to watch the fires at night. It's
beautiful.  When everyone is burning, you
can see for miles around.  The glow is
something to see!  
All Quite Now
As the fires die down and the
smoke still hangs in the air, the
highlands calmly graze as if
nothing is amiss and all is well.
We have given you just a taste of our life here at Oz Highland Farm.  We will continue to
change the pictures so every time you visit you can see something new.  We encourage
you to come and visit us, to see what we are about and understand why we feel the
importance of raising Highland Cattle in way we do!
Thank you for spending your time here with us at
Oz Highland Farm.com.
Oz Sara Diane
It's our belief that Sara will someday be the
herd boss.  She posses all the characteristics.
I got your back boss!!

Toby helping with Fear.  Always ready
to do what he can.
Oz Kelly Sue
Enjoying a mild November Day.