Welcome to Oz!
In 1999, Oz Highland Farm purchased 3 Scottish
Highland heifers and 1 bull.  Today the Farm has over
150 Highlands  and 4 working bulls.

The Oz Highland herd is one of the finest you will see
anywhere. Our goal is to breed for good
conformation, good genetics and a overall good
gentle nature passing on the best qualities, therefore
allowing the breed to continue producing strong
healthy Scottish Highland cattle.

We pride ourselves on quality, not only in the all
beef we sell but in our breeding stock and
Herd animals as well.   

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Below are just a few of our favorite pictures.  There is more to come.  We will be
constantly changing this site so there will always be something new to see.  
This little one grew up to
be a herd Sire and headed
out to the Show Me State!
Band of three or..... four
and if you look there
maybe a couple more!
A very crisp evening but a beautiful
sunset. The cold wasn't bothering
anything but my fingers, trying to get
this picture before they froze off.
A young bull calf has
all the makings to
be a tremendous
herd Sire.
Out on the road in Estes
Park, CO. Our 1st
Concessions event for
Scottish Highland Games.
The Crowd
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